Anaplans Funds LLC

Anaplans Funds LLC is a leader in providing financing options  to small to mid-sized businesses whose growth is being limited by their access to working capital.

Most entrepreneurs will turn to their bank first to either apply for credit facilities or ask for an increase in an existing line. But where do you go when the bank cannot provide you with the full working capital you need?

At Anaplans we work WITH the banks; providing strategic increases to your credit facilities that allow you to take advantage of new business opportunities.

We assess and match your company’s needs to one of our innovative services, allowing you to operate and grow as quickly as you wish.

We will help you and your business increase working capital!

Funding between $250,000 to $2,000,000 in USD and CAD

There are 2 options being offered by Anaplans that increase working capital without directly involving your customers:

1. Supplier Credit Financing gives you the opportunity to significantly improve cash flow without going through the processes required by most factors, such as submitting invoices, notifying customers and giving up collection control to the factor. Under our Supplier Credit Financing program, Anaplans pays your suppliers and provides you with the payables terms you require to line up with your receivables cycle. You remain in control and your customers are not notified. Also, this solution works hand-in-hand with existing bank lines; outside of existing security.

2. A Factoring Line of Credit can also improve cash flow without involving your customers. Anaplans will provide an operating line of credit against receivables and inventory and the client can use it as they see fit – to pay suppliers, bring on additional temporary staff, or whatever is required to increase sales.

Why Anaplans

  • Access  to financing: Anaplans has access to the global investment market, helps support the financing of your business.
  • Within Anaplans network, we have strategic alliances that can help financing you between $5 millions to $10 millions.
  • Strategic partnership: Harbour Financial Services Limited provides administrative support for Anaplans, they are the largest fund administrator & strategic partner of Anaplans.