Anaplans Institutional Insured Credit Receivables (AIICR) fund is a perfect investment
opportunity if you are looking for either monthly income or long term capital gain.

  • The minimum subscription is one hundred thousand dollars ($100,000) USD or one hundred and fithy thousand dollars ($150,000) CAD
  • The proceeds of your subscription will be invested in Insured Credit Receivables (purchasing invoices covered by insurance).
  • Eligibility of Investors: The Shares are being offered to Qualified Participants ($1,000,000 net asset)
  • Offering Memorandum: AIICR Fund Supplement and Private Memorandum (PPM) to be provided
  • Diversification of Investments: AIICR is uncorrelated to fixed income securities & equities.

Insured Credit Receivables
Anaplans financing process transforms Corporate Invoices (Credit Receivables) into AIICR Assets
AIICR Assets are Covered by Credit Insurance Companies

Return on capital matters! 

Return of capital matters more!!!

Information coming from the AIICR Fund supplement and the prospectus take precedence over the content of the Web site.